MV Zara

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zaraMaritime Management attended the MV Zara on behalf of Dublin Bulk Limited for a pre-purchase survey.

In order to carry this out, a Maritime Management Surveyor contacted the owners for permission to conduct the survey, and once this was received, within one day, he attended the vessel in the port of Immingham.

A significant challenge of a pre-purchase survey is to get to the bottom of the vessel’s long history to see if there are any issues which could pose a problem in the future. If such potential liabilities are found they need to be assessed and a monitory value attached.

The surveyor began by checking all the vessels certificates, flag and class, including the Security documents to see if there were any discrepancies there. Anything of note was recorded, including last drydockings and any class notations.

Following on from this, all available records were combed through, in a chronological order starting from the vessel’s build date.

Information concerning the type of main machinery and generators; fuel type and consumption; and any problems with these machines or any of the onboard equipment were identified.

After these records had been checked, our surveyor then began his examination of the ship from the monkey island to the engine room bilges and inspected all the spaces in between.

He also inspected some of the tanks to ascertain whether the structure of the ship was in good condition.

Maritime Management then completed the survey, the Maritime Management surveyor returned to the office to begin the report for the potential buyer.

This included a comprehensive written report, followed by a face-to-face meeting with the client where photos and films were presented on an overhead projector.

Potential trades were discussed and analysed; What is the ship’s suitability? Were technical modifications and upgrades required? If so what was the cost?

Then long term cash flow predictions, maintenance and operational budgets were made which the client used in his investment analysis.

All surveys carried out by Maritime Management are carried out to the relevant applicable local, national and international regulations by highly experienced and qualified personnel.

Any queries or other issues can then be followed up between Maritime Management and the client, as they arise.



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MV Zara

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