Ireland is rated among the most attractive and efficient locations in Europe and an excellent choice for shipping services. It is an English speaking, Euro zone, neutral country with a vibrant economy, a highly efficient low cost telecommunication service, a productive and flexible workforce and low business tax rates.

The Irish Tonnage Tax system and the double taxation agreements the Ireland has with all major trading partners, offers the shipping industry the most competitive business environment within the EU/EEA. There are significant tax efficiencies to be gained by operating ships in international trade from a base in Ireland.

There is no restriction on vessel flag choice and there are training requirements. However most major ship operators avail of the high quality of cadets from the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) in Cork. Shipowners are positively engaged by the training establishments with the Chamber of Shipping being represented on the board of  the governing body of Cork Institute of Technology (CIT).

Thye Irish  Maritime Development Office, IMDO, was set up by government to facilitate the growth of and to encourage the setting up of new shipping businesses in Ireland. There is a positive disposition of Government towards the maritime industry and there is easy access to the government ministers through the IMDO and the Irish  Chamber of Shipping

Maritime Management’s mission is to provide the services that will allow shipowners and investors to benefit from these efficiencies and is engaged in all phases from Feasibility to Finance to Building to Operation.


To relocate your shipping business to Ireland also makes commercial sense. If you need to we can do everything you require.