Ireland as a place to do business

Ireland offers many attractions to ship owners and operators and we aim to facilitate these owners and operators in exploiting the advantages of the Irish shipping scene.

The Irish Government and regulatory bodies are very accessible and receptive to new maritime business locating in Ireland.

Maritime Management have been in instrumental, through their Managing Director, John Toner, representing the Irish Chamber of Shipping, in raising the profile of the Maritime industry in Ireland. There is a very positive and proactive attitude from the Irish Government  to shipping and marine business through HOOW Harvesting Our Ocean Wealth programme, IMERC Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster, IMDO Irish  Maritime Development Office, IMI Irish Marine Institute, Irish Maritime Industry Awards, government lead Marine Coordination Group and related Development Task Force.

Our intimate knowledge of the working of all these government bodies and initiatives, being represented on most, and personal contact  the  means you have a one-stop-shop for setting up your marine business in Ireland.

Ireland has become an important cluster and well developed network of innovative expertise in the fields of Marine research, Oceanography, Wave and Tidal Energy which has  global appeal and application.

Because of the ease of access to government and the appetite for a disruptive innovation Ireland is to become the model legal and regulatory system for the, often complicated, sphere of offshore renewable energy development. Maritime Management through our association with major tidal energy companies, community based investment initiatives, maritime lawyers, and developers are ideally positioned to support this.

Irish maritime law is to a great extent based on British law. Read more on this »

The Irish tonnage tax scheme is very attractive. The scheme is particularly interesting because of the large number of double-taxation agreements the Irish government has with other countries, it is “flag blind” (in other words a ship does not need to be Irish flag to qualify under the scheme, although this will be seen as a positive point in its favour) and there is no training requirement within the scheme. Read more on this »

Ireland has proven to be a location of choice for a number of large Shipping Companies because of it strategic location, great business environment, English speaking and growing multicultural society, Eurozone member and positive foreign investment and international outreach.


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